Solar Energy

Target Group has remained in the fore front in providing renewable energy solutions based on solar technology. We offer the following solar solutions:

  • Solar power plant
  • Solar power backup systems
  • Solar Street lighting
  • Solar tower lighting
  • Solar water pumping

Wind Energy

Target Group in partnership with Global engineering system (UAE, Sharjah) is a sole distributor of UNITRON wind turbines in Somalia.

  • Wind Solar resource Hybrid
  • Wind electric DIRECT WATER pumping
  • Wind – Solar Hybrids for CELL sites
  • Wind – Solar Hybrids for CATHODIC protection

Biomass Energy

Target Group in collaboration with Global Engineering system (UAE, Sharjah) through Scalene Greenenergy Corporation Ltd.(SGCL), India, provides waste to energy – SERIGAS technology, which has been advanced as a result of over 8 years of extensive research & development. The technology is capable of processing any organic feedstock into biogas and converts the gas into electricity. By products is further processed into fertilizers and pesticides, leaving almost no carbon footprint behind